Letters Through Your Door (CD)

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'Letters Through Your Door', is the amazing new album for children and parents alike from award winning song writer and story teller David Gibb.

Packed full of catchy and toe tapping numbers, the album features original songs as well drawing on traditional children's song from across the world. This sublime mix is complemented by guest appearances from some of the biggest names on the British folk scene including Bella Hardy, Will Pound, Nancy Kerr, Jez Lowe and Lucy Ward.

The themes range from the everyday to the surreal, but whether it's finding a dragon in your bedroom, dreaming about swimming in the sea, or simply waiting for the postman to arrive, there's something here for everyone!


1. From A to B
2. There's a Dragon in My Bedroom
3. He's a Navvy
4. Sailing 123
5. The Dog Doesn't Listen to Me
6. Drop Peter Drop
7. Landlocked
8. Hush Little Baby
9. Monkey See Monkey Dream
10. Free Sailing
11. Letters Through Your Door
12. A Few Years Older
13. Wiggle Your Way Towards Me